Just wondering about the amount of PvPers there are. In my group of shards, I think we have filled to the max amount of players for any warfront like maybe 25% of the time. Usually it starts off with one side getting 1-2 more than the other.

Is this due to people getting the q and not joining it? Or is it simply a lack of players. I mean its usually the same people over a span of time, on both sides... so it leads me to believe the latter.

Joining a 15 per side warfront and starting with 5-10 people is pretty silly imo, can Trion not make it so the games are at least full to start so that both sides have a fair chance at winning?

I know getting in a premade would be the best course of action, but alas, I'm not in a big guild as of yet, and randomly joining is what I can do atm.