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Thread: Favor calculation system needs serious work - Exploit how to inside

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    Default Favor calculation system needs serious work - Exploit how to inside

    Took me some time to figure this out, but I finally know how favor is calculated.

    Foolishly, I assumed that the person making the best effort would get the most favor. I was very confused when I saw my Sabo had the most Kills, Killing Blows, and damage but was almost dead last in favor gained. I tried a Bard as well, and yet again high on Kills and Healing, but last on favor.

    On a hunch, I created an Assassin and did NOTHING except for stay stealthed and remain as close as possible to where fighting was taking place. To my amazement, I had the most favor gained by far, but I had done 0 damage and 0 healing. I did absolutely nothing to help my team, but got the most rewards.

    Essentially you just need to be near where players are getting killed, and the closer you are to where the kill took place, the more favor you get.

    I realize by posting this how to guide on exploiting favor gains in BG's I'm opening up a can of worms, but it's my hope that if Trion sees the majority of the community abusing their system, they will change it.

    This isn't complicated Trion, just make favor rewards based off of total damage/healing done, and throw in some bonus favor for completing objectives related to the BG (like capturing point in Codex). It's pretty dumb the marksman doing lots of damage isn't getting much favor because he's staying at max range.
    "We've got a particularly troublesome ability on Saboteurs that's causing them to do better damage in the game than anybody else." -- Scott Hartsman

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    It also punishes people going for objectives. You do not get rewarded for doing them

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