Why do I say this? Well, really there are quite a few reasons. I'll try to be fairly brief though. For one thing its fairly obvious the different souls/abilities were not balanced for pvp at all. Some are very op in pvp while others are almost totally worthless. Trion has turned a blind on op combos like transmorgify and mana wrench. CC in this game is flat out awful. You can be incapacited for an insane ammount of time in any given fight because there are no shared immunities. How can you have no shared immunitiews in a game with like a dozen forms of crowd control? I can be rooted, stunned, mezzed, transmorgified, feared, pulled, and probably some crap I missed all in a row. How ludicrous is that? Lastly, and most importantly, the rewards for participating in pvp are fairly random and sometimes not very good at all. Until about 45 or 50 you can't even buy gear that is usuable by your soul/spec half the time on the warfront faction pvp merchants. Its bad enough that there are only like two pieces of equipment to buy at level 35 on the Whitefall Brigade merchant but since I use a two hand weapon and they only offer a one hand that is viable for a healing cleric I don't even get to buy on of two measely pieces of equipment I spent hours grinding the horrible Whifte Fall steppes warfront to be able to buy. When it comes to pvp Trion really mailed it in.