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Thread: Warrior souls: Is one combo really better than another?

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    Default Warrior souls: Is one combo really better than another?

    The character I am leveling the hardest right now is a warrior. By trial and error I have found that Paladin/Reaver/WL is pheee flipping nominal for PvE tanking (the health and armor values are superb), but gets beat frequently in PvP by a variety of other classes. So, for PvP I tried the Champ/Reaver/WL combo. It wasn't too bad at all, though the lack of a shield made him surprisingly squishier than what I would have expected. So...I read that Champ/Riftblade is awetacular at both PvE and PvP. I tried this. The result so far has been fairly surprising dps but an even squishier warrior with about 900-1000 less health than the Champ/Reaver/WL set up. I went from about 4800 health to about 3800 after point distribution (from 5505 to 4461 or so with the shield). He takes far, far more damage from npc's than I would like. As for PvP...fairly brutal but still softer than my original design. My gear is exceedingly good for a lvl 40, too, for whatever that's worth. It's not so much a gear issue, meh thinks.

    I just wanted some input or feedback from other warrior players and what you have had very good results with. I have an acquaintance who uses Champ/Reaver/BM and claims he isn't very squishy at all. It occured to me, however, that the reason he isn't taking nearly as much damage as I am is due to his boar taking the brunt of the dps from encounters. LOL I'm cuirious about non pet specs. Thanks in advance!

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    For PvE having the pet to take initial aggro/some damage is very useful for a Offensive DPS warrior.

    Its very essential for offtanking adds. Even so you will die, alot, due to Rifts mob density & aggro range. Dont think you can run away if things go pear shaped either.

    Warriors are incredibly squishy in this game compared to Lotros Guardian or Warden for example.

    The only decent combo for survivability as you have found is Pal/Reaver/Warlord.

    I have a Champ/BM/Reaver build for some fun but no way in hell would I use it for anything difficult solo. Also a RB/Pal/Reaver. Same again.

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