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Thread: More PVP Quest PLZ!!!

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    Default More PVP Quest PLZ!!!

    I dont know about you guys but i would love to see more pvp quest when leveling up, like how warhammer had . Waiting for 1 quest a day just for warfront is not cuting it. I love to pvp and if it was up to me and i kinda still do i lvl up from just pvping. Im in no hurry to level up to 50. I mean like have quest for wins you know make it that ur doing more in pvp quest wise and not just for once a day quest with a chance to get a item u wont be able use? lol So pretty much i want to see repeat quest for WF PLZ!!!!!!!

    Anyone argees??

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    Would like to see maybe a quest for a duel another guardian/defiant in other zone. Duel being the word, not gank. But trying to level a pvp'er and not really any quests other than daily i can find.
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