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Thread: Instead of ranked warfronts let's do ranked shards

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    Default Instead of ranked warfronts let's do ranked shards

    Ok here is the logic... Obviously some shards suck with Defiants and some suck with Guardians so what they should do is ranked shards based on sides. Basically it would work like this:

    Two Shard groups one is overwhelmingly favored for guardians to win (better players, Defiants simply don't know the meaning of objectives, etc.), One is overwhelmingly favored for Defiants to win (same reasons, whatever). Put in matchmaking code then so that the shardgroup which overwhelmingly favors guardians is only pitted against the shardgroup that overwhelmingly favors defiants on the guardian side, and vice-versa for the one Defiant side (so the weak defiant side is only pitted against the weak guardian shard). Then have it based on number of wins when a shardgroup gets moved up to the next bracket.

    It kills the whole feeling of hopelessness on most of the shard groups from one side or the other. Like skilled players are pitted against like skilled players.

    To probably further explain better. Say the Sunrest, Lotham, whatever shard group heavily favors guardian, and the Briarcliff, Deepstrike, Emberlord (just randomly grouping servers here) heavily favors Defiant. make it so that instead of Sunrest, Lotham, whatever guardians being pitted against same shard Defiants they are instead pitted against Briarcliff, Deepstrike, Emberlord shard. And then do the same thing for the Defiant sides, but do the ranking across all of the shard groups. Eventually they will even out to where the most fitting skilled shards are pitted against one another, no one feels frustrated constantly and that they have a chance, and then if something happens to where suddenly one of the shardgroups vastly improves it will rank them up and re-do the pairing. Kind of like some of the FPS matchmaking where it only puts you on servers where people are roughly the same skill as you.

    Personally I wish they had some way to do it based on player skill rather than side skill, but I don't see that as feasible. It also ends up forcing pre-mades to generally fight pre-mades without redoing the queues because those shards which run predominatly pre-mades on one side and consistantly destroy the opposition will be paired off against other shards which just naturally work better as a team, or predominatly run pre-mades themselves.
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