In the past week I have posted threads about Black Garden, character creation, speccing and gearing. primalrily on my experiments with a DPS Cloth wearing Cleric specced like this.

I caught a lot of heat from people for many reasons. Mostly the people who responded DID NOT read what I wrote or they think they know something, but can't back it up with fact.

I will not refute everything that was thrown at me, except three statements

"Know one cares about low end PvP anyway..."

"Wisdom gives 3x the spellpower that cloth gives to a Cleric"

"A sabo will own you"

This thread will focus on the first statement and answer the last two briefly.

"Know one cares about low end PvP anyway..."

1. If you play on a PvP server, low end PvP is your "bootcamp" for survival in the world. I have level 30+ people in my guild who are very upset after being owned and camped. I asked them "Did you do any Black Garden before going out into a world full of bad guys?" The universal response was "Duh, it is noob to do low end PvP". More Pew Pew less QQ is my motto. In fact I have been attacked by a level 25 at level 19 ( he got a big surprise when I totally OWNED him in like 10 seconds) as an enemy level 50 was watching and my worthiness saved my life. Not the first time that has happened. I even got a salute!!

2. I have yet to go to an INSTANCE in this game. I don't know where they are, their names or what drops in them. I have been in LFG and found that channel SILENT. *crickets* No one in my HUGE guild ever goes to the instances. No mention of instances in guild chat EVER! So I ASSUME that it must blow. So where do you get blue shoes, rings, belts to go with blue and purple planar gear? Hmmmm....wait for it....Low end PvP! Yay!!

3. I am not a "quester". We are forced to do quests in the starting area, and except for PvP quests and crafting dailies and few quests that give Planarites, I don't do quests. To me taking the One Ring to Mount Doom is a QUEST. Killing 10 Goblins for a green that you will be able to outcraft in 20 minutes is not a QUEST, it is busy work. Combine this with the 30 second Q times for BLACK GARDEN and why in the world would anyone quest? Don't answer that I have heard the spiel about "storylines" and "power leveling" and "how you are SUPPOSED to play". It is all subjective and bunk.

"Wisdom gives 3x the spellpower that cloth gives to a Cleric"

One poster went as far to say for 100 Wisdom you get 100 spellpower and for 100 intelligence you get 30 spellpower.


When my Cleric was level 18 i was loaded with blues and greens and chants that stacked Intelligence. My spellpower was like 220 and my spell crit was like 11.8%

I had TONS of favor and Planarites so I bought all the Planar and PvP blues that stacked wisdom . MY spellpower went up by 5 and my spell crit dopped to 7.6%


"A sabo will own you"

Ya right. Sabos try and own me all the time. Guess what. They don't. The armor differences in chain and cloth showed no effect EXCEPT I critted much less.

Pick this apart if you dare, but I have facts on my side. No OPINION in this post.

This is a new game and this kind of thread is written tyo help people who are just starting and want FACTS over OPINION.