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Thread: Codex map Guardian biased - [Bug]

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    Default Codex map Guardian biased - [Bug]

    I believe this was never intended, as is therefore a bug. But I believe it is having some impact on general performance of Defiants vs. Guardians.

    The problem: The mountainside next to Codex flag.
    For Guardian side - not scalable, have to ride all the way around it to get on top.
    For Defiant side - jump twice and you can get on top and melee all the ranged chars.

    The result:
    Defiant & Guardian of course fight for first capture. If Defiant get it; then the respawned Gurdians come to their mountain and range attack until Defiants are weak then take over point. At this point they all scale the Defiant mountain, and defend there. And this is why, I believe we are seeing problems for Defiants on Codex.

    The map is lob-sided due to the fact the 'mountainside' is scalable for one faction, but not for the other, at the crucial Codex flag.
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    Completely true. Tho I play Guardian in Codex we are Always first at the Point.. I even stress tested it and tried to get there as fast as possible - always first! And even after joining seconds later after start and following my group-mates, they were tons of times first at the flag.

    But you can't do a map-redesign, can you?

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