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Thread: Wf queueing system is bugged

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    Default Wf queueing system is bugged

    During the last 3 days i have been in nearly 100 wf. The situation was always with a faction starting with at least 1 person more, and unfortunately for me, most of the times that faction was defiant and this advantage lasted for most of the wf, with people only joining at the very end or with someone leaving the middle of the fight. (Obviously while spitting insults to others)
    I dont really care that much about losing but it is completely different when you lose because you are
    playing awfully than because you have to face a greater force.
    I dont know if this is due to the visible lag that has been happening recently, affecting the queueing system, but i hope that Trion will do something because in this way the pvp is even more lame than when you have afkers in your group, without mentioning when the 2 things are combined.

    I know that several people requested a kick option for afkers, but at the same time, i am asking a block. Either a block function that forbid you to leave the wf before the end and that keep you inside the spawning zone until the number of people inside is fair for the 2 factions,
    since it seems that it cannot be avoided to someone joining on a side that has more members.
    If at the contrary this can be avoided than i think that a way to forbid the flight could still be usefull.

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    Default Agree

    I've been in Warfronts for the last 3 days non-stop pretty much and 99% of the fronts I've gone into I've been outnumbered. When we finally get one person to even it out... so does the other side to uneven it again. We do win from time to time but It does suck that we have to go against a larger team. Especially in a small Warfront like Black Gardens. This seems like a very stupid queuing system that they have set up. I've emailed them directly asking them about this and still haven't received a reply. I hope they fix this soon because all the people on my shard that are on the outnumbered side are getting very fed up with the system and a lot are talking of quitting the game and going elsewhere for PvP. As for the AFKing, I've even taken to that when we get into a Warfront where we're outnumbered by 2 or 3. That kind of advantage isn't even worth jumping down and trying to kill anyone. Usually I'm focus fired, stunned, and dead before I can do anything to anyone. Trion needs to fix this.

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