The PvP situation is a complete farce. Defiant side is constantly losing. There is nothing close to resembling balance. Guardians have been winning 9/10, if not more.

Top of the reasons for this, I feel, is your concept of 'battlegroups' to borrow a WoW term. I have never seen any more Shards that 4 when I have PvP'd: Wolfsbane, Faemist, Tearfall and Shadefallen. This extremely limits the amount of players available; if one side is going to dominate, it is ALWAYS going to dominate, simply because of having pretty much the same players every game.

You need to allow more Shards to battle together. This would increase the player pool somewhat, hopefully allowing a more varied group of players to fight.

If you do nothing, I fear that you will see plenty of Defiants re-rolling as Guardians, leaving an empty Defiant side, which will cause massive queues and a absolute dominance of one side, a situation that does NOONE any favors. I myself am feeling drawn to this camp; I am loathe to leave Defiants, as I love the lore and the background, as well as having my friends on this side... but if this continues, I fear that I may have no choice.

I am a PvE'r at heart, but I still put a lot of value in PvP... if I can't do that, then it feels like I am paying for half a game.