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Thread: Rogue pvp at 50, mostly curious on marksman

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    Default Rogue pvp at 50, mostly curious on marksman

    Just wondering how viable rogues are in level 50 pvp.

    As of right now im 28 MM/Sin/riftstalker and since level 10 iv been in the top 3 damage and kills pretty much everytime.

    but i keep seeing people say how bad they are at 50..
    any actual level 50's out there that think their bad too?

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    I'd rank them last imo. Less damage then Warrior/Mage. Less survivability then Warrior/Mage/Cleric. Highest skill cap among the 4 classes. Worst cooldowns among the 4 classes. Now, I am talking about mele dps rogues. Bards are amazing in PVP. Sabo can do nice burst. However, any mele spec is going to not be as good as a Warrior.

    Sad, I was looking forward to being a mele rogue.
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    If you have a lot of skill, especially as a Marksman, you can hit #1 damage dealt and drop everybody with ease - but the problem is that you can't do much more.

    All you can do is kill people, but that doesn't win warfronts. Marksmen have abysmally bad CC, you need to chain stuns, mezzes, mana drains to win PvP - and Marksmen simply can't do that.

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    im finding it good at 40, 32 points MM can get some good damage pumping if you burn your cd's plan on going 32 Nightblade with the last 4 going i think in sab for the dex bonus
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