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Thread: What's wrong with the battle for port scion?

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    Default What's wrong with the battle for port scion?

    Overall, this is a very fun map. There are a few issues though.

    First, you get far more favor by zerging and killing people and losing horribly than you do for running sourcestones and winning the map. Three maps in a row, our guild was running sourcestones and defending the south sourcestone point. All 3 times we basically won the map for our side and got the lowest favor out of everyone else.

    So, after those maps, we said 'screw this' and just zerged with everyone else. We got 4 TIMES THE FAVOR and LOST THE MAP MISERABLY. This is wrong on so many levels. Please reward favor for actually completing map objectives!

    Second, please lower the point reward for returning source stones to the base. Most maps basically come down to winning only if people are actively running sourcestones. This makes it not very fun. The fun part is going after the control points and killing their commanders and stuff like that. And please, fix riftstalkers so they can't shift through the buildings with the sourcestones. And um maybe not allow rogues to remain stealthed with the stones... (our sab confirmed that he could pick it up and remain stealthed the whole time)

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    The map itself is okay. But just like all the other warfronts the winning conditions are designed around the assumption that it's fun to avoid the other team, which makes the end result a complete joke. Seriously guys, who on the design team thought it was a good idea to make the best strategy for both teams to just avoid PvP altogether and zerg the boss? Even if your team loses the race, it will still be more efficient than wasting time with the other objectives or, god forbid, actually fighting against your opponents.
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