i've done pretty awesome with my setup but being a rogue i can get pwned pretty quick if i get more than 1 on me at once. i been running around with a nightblade/ranger/sab blend. went 16-1 on one match and had a couple 20-3s earlier today. i don't pvp a whole lot though. as far as pets go i seemed to do much better with the hog pet than using the wolf at level 28. seemed like the wolf died quicker netted me less kills. mostly i spam the aoe web snare skill on groups of enemy people and that keeps em rooted long enough for friendlies to gang up on enemy characters. then i hit em with -300 armor arrows and go to town on them loading up charges and boom. avg 5 charges i think is around 1000 dmg roughly. i can shave off 50% health on most pretty quick doin that.

i tried going bard a few times spamming songs but it seemed like my guys got squashed everytime i tried to do support. so i gave up on that after a few matchs. figured it would help since no one else was playing it. guardians on tearfall suck pretty bad in the 20-29 range lol