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Thread: URGENT!: Developers, please don't pay attention to us for the first month

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    Default URGENT!: Developers, please don't pay attention to us for the first month

    I see many people posting about how their faction keeps losing warfronts over and over and over.

    Many people are saying one of two things:

    1. The Warfronts are horribly unbalance for a or b side and need to be redone.

    2. The people I play with DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY.

    1 is a desperate fool trying to find any excuse for his loss. 2 is the truth.

    One thing I ask is that the wonderful developers at Trion don't succumb to the demands to 'even things out' between the factions. Everything seems very balanced, and the reason many people are losing over, and over, and over again, is because IT WORKS! There's no way to win except have the group with the better understanding of the match. It's a beautiful thing, and quite possibly the first time I've seen it in an MMO. The warfronts are balanced and nothing needs to be changed except for a few minor bugs (not that I've seen, but heard). My own experience puts me in the 20-29 bracket of Codex. Loss after loss for two days straight. I couldn't believe it. I almost sided with these naysayers who said it's unbalanced. But, as I approached the end of the 20-29 stretch, I started winning EVERY match. Our teams were finally following the same strategy the opposition was taking... capture codex and defend it with your life. It's not unbalanced, it's brilliant. So keep on keeping on, Trion. Here's rootin' for you kid.

    (mmm, cliches)

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    I second this post.
    Noobs that don't know how to play need to quit *****in' about a brand new game.
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    Wait till we all settle in. Right now everyone's just getting over their wow addiction.

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    Most MMO's have 1 month to fix their problems (mainly because pre-orders tie in 1 month game time)

    After that, they have 2-3 before 75%+ of the launch population leaves to go back to WoW or other games.

    You want them to ignore a very crucial period?


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    I have to agree with this for the most part. I think the level ranges need to be limited to five levels though. Fights between people within 5 levels of one another seem to be very evenly matched, but I've been in a lot of warfronts where the opposing side consisted of mostly level 27-29s (mostly = 6-8 in gardens and 10+ in codex) and where my side had mostly level 20-23s. (I've also had the reverse.) In these situations the side with the most high levels face rolled over us. I know skill and such is a factor, but so is have a "large" stat advantage.

    Still, this isn't game breaking and even if it doesn't change I will continue to pvp as I level up.

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