I play on briarcliff from what I notied we are often paired and against folks from Harrow (pvp-rp) , gloamwood (pve) and something else I forgot

1) As defiant we suck at WF pvp overall. no excuses there

2) Grouping with rp and pve guys ,especially pve guys (harrow guys are actually decent) is awful and makes things much worse. Even if we have one decent premade we cant outweight the fact that 2/3 of our team are semi/complete tools

First and foremoste I think pvp servers should be grouped with pvp ones. Please no pvers -let them play with other pvers.

Now from what I hear some clusters have guardian dominating , some have defiants . Why not rebalance it so under-performing guardians are paired with similar defiants and so forth. PvP is fun when there is challenging fights, not when one sides steam rolls another. Its the reason ranks exist in games like SC and big reason why they fun for noobs ,scrubs , vets and pros alike.