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Thread: OP Builds (11-19) even nubs can master

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    Default OP Builds (11-19) even nubs can master

    I leveled all four callings through black gardens (11-19th) trying many builds and jotted down those I found most effective. I wrote this for a group of friends, but seeing as how there are so many players with horrid builds in the 10-19th thought it may help here. These builds are generally built around instant range/melee, AE component and most can be consolidated down to 3-4 buttons.

    Cairn - Rogue
    Cran - Warrior
    Tag - Mage
    Jharkin - Cleric (My First char .. I'm 30th with him and didn't think to take screenshots)


    Damage in itself is a poor indicator of how well you do, until you take in killing blows.


    Riftblade / Void Knight / Reaver

    Effective : 12th +
    OP : 14th +
    OMGOP : 18th +
    Buttons : 3-4
    Roles : ST DPSer

    Despite having OP flamespear, the real damage of this build is melee. Close on your opponent building up combo with your ranged instants, rift surge, melee, devour and if you can pop discharge. If enemies last longer than 6 seconds you are doing something wrong.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0cLgA.ehc0zR.L (18th)

    ST Attack Macro
    > Frost Strike (M)
    > Searing Strike (M)
    > Soul Sickness (R)
    > Stonespear (R)
    > Flamespear (R)

    AE Attack
    > Thunder Strike (M)

    Finishers Macro
    > Devouring Blow (M)
    > Earth Burst (M/R)
    > Rift Surge (R)

    > Storm Blade
    > Void
    > Avatar of Wind

    OPT Attack (Use in addition to finisher for burst damage)
    > Discharge


    Ranger / Nightblade / Assassin

    Effective : 12th +
    OP : 17th +
    Buttons : 3-4
    Roles : ST Ranged DPSer, AE Ranged DPSer

    This build is built on syngergies with trick shot and quick shot. Hellfire blade, Virulent poison, Blazing Fury (+15% damage!!), Predatory Instincts and Improved Quick shot are huge buffs. Start the fight off with shadow fire, AE heavily with trick shot until you get the lay of the land then single dps their healers, damage dealers, and flag carrier. AE does about at much to a single target as your single target branch, however you begin to run out of energy spamming it and can't sustant decent single target DPS which is what you really want.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNiM.VGs0z0z.V0z (17th)

    ST Attack Macro
    > Primal Strike (M)
    > Twilight Force (R)
    > Piercing Shot (R)
    > Crippling Shot (R)
    > Quick Shot (R)

    AE Attack Macro
    > Primal Strike (M)
    > Trick Shot (R)

    Finish Macro
    > Blazing Strike (M)
    > Concussion Blast (R)
    > Head Shot (R)

    OPT Attack (Start your fight with this if you have time)
    > Shadow Fire (R)

    > Hellfire Blades
    > Virulent Poison
    > Predatory Instincts
    > Pet


    Justicar / Inquisitor / Shaman

    Effective : 11th +
    OP : 18th +
    Buttons : 3 - 4 (5-8 Advanced)

    This build does suprisingly good damage, has phenominal survivability and heals your raid group as an added benefit. The build is solid at virtually every level, but really kicks it into high gear when he gets Even Justice at 18th. It's instant ranged attacks hit for a lot more than it's melee attacks, so those are front loaded into the macro. The added instant range of the inquisitor means you can range while you are closing. Mien of honor tends to do better at 10-19, although there are times when you want to go leadership.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00rdn.Eu0o0c.V0z (18th)

    St Attack Macro
    > Bolt of Radiance (R)
    > Sanction Heretic (R)
    > Strike of Judgement (M)
    > Vex (R)

    AE Attack
    > Even Justice (M)

    OPT Abilities
    > Doctrine of Bliss (extremely potent self heal in 10-19)
    > Doctrine of Loyalty
    > Doctrine of Righteousness
    > Bolt of Justice
    > Purpose

    > Vengeance of the Winter Storm (adds about 10% dps to melee)
    > Armor of Devotion (Great buff)
    > Cavalier
    > Mien of Honor
    > Mien of Leadership


    Warlock / Necromancer / Dominator

    Effective : 16th +
    OP : N/A
    Buttons : 2-6
    Roles : AE Ranged DPSer

    This build is built around devouring shadows which is an extremely strong damaging attack. So strong in fact that it will do more damage to a single target than your single target attacks. On the run lead off with DOTs and then spam the ST Macro. Learn how to be inconspicuous while you decimate their entire team.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0zvws.xxohko.x (17th)

    ST Attack Macro
    > Dark Fury (R)
    > Draining Bolt (R)
    > Neddra's Grasp (R)
    > Neural Prod (R)

    AE Attack
    > Devouring Shadows

    OPT Attacks
    > Neddra's Torture (Lead off with this if you have time)
    > Dark Touch (DOT)
    > Necrosis (DOT)
    > Transmogrify (CC)

    > Dark Armor

    Dominator / Stormcaller / Chloromancer

    Effective : 16th +
    OP : N/A
    Buttons : 2-6
    Roles : Annoying as hell

    This build is one of the more complicated builds as you cannot consolidate abilities into macros effectively. It's single target attack is actually fairly effective as well considering the target will be receiving half healing. Attack the flag carrier and watch him collapse in a few seconds. Fun build.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0zsyR.MsVuok.V (18th)

    ST Attack Macro
    > Void Shroud (R - OPT)
    > Transference (R - OPT)
    > Thunder Blast (R - OPT)
    > Neural Prod (R)

    OPT Attacks
    > Transmogrify (Neutralize healers, dps, whatever)
    > Storm Shackle (Root + Explosion)
    > Reflective Command (For LOLs)

    > Charged Shield
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    macros? lol. reminds me of people using scripts to sync ebolts and explosions on UO free shards. guess they would be necessary in a post regarding what nubs can master.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locke Lamora View Post
    guess they would be necessary in a post regarding what nubs can master.
    This. We must think of the nubs.

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