i play on bloodiron eu pvp server. but i get issues of huge queue's at wf's.

i dunno if its due the lvling rush or just normal. but i do know that there are only 3 servers grouped up (or i've never seen any other server pop up in my warfronts) we are grouped with whitefall wich is by far the most populated eu server. yet still long que for joining wf.

if you'd put all eu servers together or heck even all servers then americans can pvp in the middle of the night if they want and still have almost instant wf pop up.
(i know this is going to ask alot from servers but honestly it will be a huge improvement on that department)

lately i'm getting a bid bored of farming and questing so i'm joining in on wf's almost all the time. but having to w8 10-20 minutes between each wf is kinda sad.