This image says it all:

It was on the Codex.

Waypoints captured: 1st
Waypoints defended: T-4th
Kills near waypoint: 1st
Kills: 1st
Killing blows: 1st
Deaths: T-3rd
Damage done: 1st
Damage taken: 6th
Healing done: 7th
Healing taken: 6th

FAVOR: 9th out of 11

I think I was level 47-48 at the time. I think this is the critical factor, as I haven't seen anything like this since hitting 50.

I can understand that a level 42 shouldn't have to do as well as a 48 to get the same amount of favor, but perhaps the level component is too drastic. The second highest favor captured 1/5th the waypoints, did about 1/4th the damage and 1/8th the killing blows, and got more than twice the favor as I did. The way the system works now makes it very discouraging for anyone in the upper edges of the bracket. There must be a difference in order to continue to encourage those in the lower edges of the bracket, but the balance is off right now.

Also, it would help immensely if the brackets were only 5 levels wide instead of 10. A 49 can practically afk kill a 40. To avoid a large increase in queue time with the increase in number of tiers, more servers could be placed in each cluster (currently 4 per cluster I believe). This kind of low level architecture is beyond my knowledge as someone who is not a Rift developer, so this may not be feasible. Perhaps another mechanism exists that could help this.