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Thread: Trion: Fix Warfronts

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcl22 View Post
    its your battlegroup, rolll on another shard cluster, if not change factions, its not hard..

    or quit , but dont pretend the problem is on trions end, they cant FORCE people to play the faction they want them to, so go ahead switch, go annoy those good players on guardian side so they switch to avoid peopel like you and we can balance the factions out, WE CAN DO EEET BRO!

    /end sillynes
    They can rebalance the shardgroups and servers, though, easily. Reclaimer defiants are some of the worst in this game. I've yet to see one that I even believe is smart enough to be alive(yeah, I believe in euthanasia, big deal). In Black Garden, we lose roughly 500-10, or worse, every game. The shardgroups are 100% unbalanced, that's a fact. Even if it isn't the shardgroups and it's like this everywhere, and it isn't Trions responsibility to make the servers evenly populated and skilled, it is their responsibility to make sure that both teams have a chance to win when they join. Whether that means that defiants need a giant handicap until it's evident we stop sucking, or that we need some kind of "spirit guide" to walk us through every warfront we join, we need SOMETHING. Honestly, it's the worst thing I've ever seen in any game in regards to balance ever.

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    Default tired of it

    Its no lie, I'm sick and tired of putting together two 5man premades and joining the same war front at the same time to try and win one. On Spitescar Defiant we get rolled in every BG, I played Black Garden 30 matchs in a row just now and did not win one. Some guy named Quaemaro or something that is an AFK bot I see in about every other match. I know about 10+ people that have reported him.

    Bottom line if Trion doesn't make some kind of class balancer or something to even things out. I'm done with War Fronts and makes me closer to be done with the game. Why even try black garden when the other team has 5 healers and your team is lucky to get one.

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