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Thread: Please Join Me For A Telethon to End WPS (WoW PvP Syndrome)

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    Default Please Join Me For A Telethon to End WPS (WoW PvP Syndrome)

    Help the players of Rift end a terrible affliction that is seemingly plaguing tens of thousands of players.

    WPS - or WoW PvP Syndrome - impacts the frontal lobe and turns gamers into selfish, one-on-one minded PvPers who neglect working as a team at all costs.

    Those stricken with this disease are easy to point out. They complain about losing 1v1 fights while in battles with 28 other players around them. They believe they should be able to roll up to any target and destroy them - regardless of whether that person is working within a team or not.

    And when they don't get what they want, they cry and complain instead of looking at themselves and trying to figure out what they're doing wrong.

    Your donation of the WPS telethon will help ease those with the disease into a team setting. They'll be explained simple concepts like focus fire and crowd control, and how to properly apply those in warfronts. We will also try and match these players with guilds who queue in groups of 5 to help maximize their warfront pleasure.

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    Help put an end to Wow PvP Syndrome!

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    A treatment for the early stage of this disease is to require people to make full groups in order to queue for a warfront.

    Just like in dungeons. They would have heals, guard, and DPS. They would still be bad, but at least they would have the tools to do the job.

    Also, favor should be divided equally among the entire team in a warfront so people can guard flags without missing out. AFKers who macro should be banned.

    The WoW baddies will all leave anyway, but at least they will be exposed to teamwork.

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    Y'know.. I can see their point of view, even if I don't agree with it. However, that doesn't mean that they ought to be harassed on these forums like this.

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    Hi everyone,

    We have closed this thread and would like to take a moment to explain why. Creating threads or posts for the sake of calling out and mocking or ridiculing other members of the Rift community is considered trolling, and malicious. We've removed the names from this thread and ask that you please respect that we do not allow public "calling out" of others on our forums.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!

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