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Thread: Outnumbered Warfronts EVERY time?

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    Default Outnumbered Warfronts EVERY time?

    So I've been in the Warfronts now for the past few days pretty non-stop and I'm getting quite sick of always being outnumbered. The opposing side has always (with the exception of about half a dozen times) had an unfair advantage because they have that extra player. I have to say that I've been quite impressed with the game thus far and I think that the classes all have the capabilities of being great in PvP, but the system for queuing people into the Warfront is screwed up in my opinion. I have yet to be on the side with the extra player. I imagine it must be nice, and very sad when you actually lose.

    Now I know that once more people hit 50 this should balance out during peak periods, but what about the down hours of the shards? Not to mention that on certain shards it seems there is an imbalance of people who PvP on one side compared to the other, and with the way the system is set up, someone will always have that one extra person unless the Warfront is capped on players.

    It really has made for a frustrating few days trying to PvP and knowing that you have to step it up that much more to make up for that difference in fairness. I don't understand why it doesn't stay at even teams and only add another player when both sides have one to add.

    I'm not 100% sure but I believe I have read that this is happening to both Guardians and Defiants. I have run with a lot of players that are getting quite upset because of this. It doesn't seem fair that any one team or the other should have this advantage, especially in the smaller Warfronts. I hope something is done to balance this out at least. As for class vs. class, I think that's pretty fair. It's all in how you build your toon. Just get rid of this 1 man difference in the Warfronts and put it on an equal playing field.

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    The problem is that when you start a warfront the number of players on each side is equal. That means that if someone joins from your side then a slot is opened on the other side for a player. But if someone leave the WF the other side keep his number unchanged. Nobody can join on that side untill the gap is recovered but this can happen at any moment of the game. Moreover a lot of people just flee when they are killed a couple of times or if the disadvantage is significant, leaving the squad with a greater disadvantage.Lets sum professional parasites that stay afk the whole wf and at a certain point the target
    is not winning but not losing for too much.
    IMO they should add a block that if you join a wf you cant get out untill the end or if you are kicked by others.
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