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Thread: Please make power drains break CC effects like damage does...

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    Default Please make power drains break CC effects like damage does...

    Title says it all, no reason that power drains should be able to be cast on a CCd player without breaking it.
    if you get caught alone or without anyone who can cure you and your extremely long recast breaks are on cooldown, i was getting full drained in 10-15 seconds, just get squirreld, power drain until the squirrel is about to drop, recast it, continue power draining and by the time the second one is down your completely out of power.
    add to the fact that the CC spell can be made instant cast and can not be reflected at least by a warden or cabalists reflect spells, you cant counter this if you get caught and dont have someone nearby who can cure it, they can effectively take you out of the fight completely with 0 resistance.

    if power drains broke being a squirrel and any other CC that gets broken by normal damage, it would be a huge step in the right direction

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    Default ..

    are you serious? mages are real gimps currently. What we need is a large buff and no nerf.

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