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Thread: New Warfront

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    Default New Warfront

    I know this is pretty pre-mature but there was mention of them looking towards new warfronts. So far the warfronts are fun but are re-hashes of specific types of games. What about using the rift system in a way which allows for somewhat different types of Warfronts? A little variation anyways.

    This is just something I thought of quickly, tossing it out here due to game companies never really taking suggestions sent to them other than through public means for 'legal' purposes or some shenanigans.

    New warfront based on using rifts.

    Rift's are forming in various locations in this warfront location and you must defeat the enemy in order to close them. So, the premise behind the warfront is to move towards opening rift's and close them before your enemy gets a chance to get there. Why fight over closing rifts? For the glory of the defiant/guardian. Why else?

    When a rift has been closed another will be spawned and your team must move from that oen to the next to help close it and defend it from your opponents.

    The zone can be made in two ways depending on which ends up being more fair.

    First way: The rift's spawn randomly on the map, depending on where they are located they are worth more points for either side. If it is spawned closer to the guardians than the guardians get less points for it (Due to ease of getting it from how close it is to their graveyard) and the same the other way.

    Second way: The rift's all spawn in this gorge across the center of the map, there are multiple locations in which it will spawn within there randomly and both sides must descend into this gorge in order to close them. This will lead to it being fairly distanced from eithers graveyard as well as giving the people who are coming back the height advantage. Having your entire team down there defending it will be helpful but the ones coming down now have an advantage to re-gain some semblance of a foot hold. (If it was a mountain than the ones controlling that area would have the advantage), could also just be a flat land but I thought the gorge might have been cooler.

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    You already have this type of warfront. It's called world pvp around rifts. ;)

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