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Thread: Warfront queus need to be looked into

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    Default Warfront queus need to be looked into

    I really am getting tired of joining warfronts that are literally finished. Ive joined 4 today where the moment i zoned in the game ended 10 seconds later, ive joined 3 others where the opposing team or my team has a 700-800 point advantage and the game is pretty much going to end in the next minute or so.

    This is not fun, Yeah it sucks when people leave the match when they are losing, but that doesn't mean i want to take that guys place. I dont mind joining a warfront that is 5minutes in, but that is it, i don't want to join any warfronts where the match is over before i even get the chance to leave the spawn, because all that does is waste my time.

    If it happened once i wouldn't say anything,b ut i had it happen 3 times in a row, and it just got on my nerves. Nobody wants to queue for 5-10minutes and then when they get into the game it ends instantly, so they have to rejoin the queue for another 5-10minutes. Have this happen 3 times in a row, and i just spend up to 30 minutes joining and then being kicked back out.

    Maybe people need to be forced into finishing their warfronts, if you dc, have the immediately rejoin the same warfront, if you quit and try and re queue you rejoin the same warfront, etc , etc.
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