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Thread: How to join pvp

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    Default How to join pvp

    I am completely new only lvl 8 how do I join the battleground type system they have in this game?

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    You can't until level 10.

    When you hit 10, you can then press "k" which brings up the Warfront UI. You can click Solo/Group in the top half to queue for particular ones, or Solo/Group at the bottom to queue for all of them.

    I don't recommend going in at level 10, but if you have a ranged soul or a healing soul then you will probably do well enough with the bolster effect given to players (it increases your hp to a certain level within the bracket).

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    The first warfront you can join at 10 is Black Garden. Keep this in mind -- your side wins by holding onto the "fang" the longest*. It's the glowy thingy in the middle of the map, and whoever is carrying it gets a big glowing column on them. Either kill the dude with the thing and take the thing, or protect the dude with the thing. That's your whole purpose in life. If you aren't doing something to further that goal, you're doing it wrong (and will probably annoy your teammates). Other than that, have fun!

    *also: you win faster if you're holding onto the fang closer to the center of the map, and whoever is holding the thing takes accelerating damage from it, and can't drop it until they die

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