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Thread: If you want to keep the PvPer subs I suggest the following

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pvpsigh View Post
    I already unsubscribed. When balance is so whacked and facing the same server/2 servers for WF yields endless losses...the first BG is a clustermob with little strat...warriors doing ranged damage more than mages and archers....cmon. this whole thing is a mess..

    it is really disappointing because I thought this game looked great, played great...quests were ok..and then hit the one reason I bought the game...pvp...and it is a mess. And what do I read about lvl 50 pvp? not much different.

    No motivation to stay. May as well go back to wow. It's more balanced and I'll wait until things get more balanced or another game comes out.

    oh well. another letdown. Sooner or later a developer will come along and realize things need to be balanced in the beginning levels or people wont bother sticking around. It will die out. Just like everyone else who didn't take their time and think it through.

    Yes, it's a nice shiny piece of crap. Polish it up next time before serving it up, and I don't mean just the graphics and quests.

    I'll check now and then to see how it comes along, but for now...seeyaaaaa
    bye ,one less arena / pvp junkie thats gone, good ridance, i like pvp too, and id love it to be more balanced, but in the end, this is a PVE GAME trion has never been shy about that

    people need to pull their heads out of their *****, and realize the game has been out for TWO FRIGGGIN WEEKS , its gonna take time to fix / tweak stuff

    fkn crybabies....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vet WPG View Post
    That is the only map that Defiant queue on our servers which is unfortunate because its a horrible PvE zerg fest. I am on Braircliff (pvp server) and the only other 2 servers that are in our warfronts are pve servers.... it would have made alot of sense to put us with the other pvp servers too.
    Yeah, force those slobs, to play under your rules.

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