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Thread: Randoms vs Premades

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    Default Randoms vs Premades

    Queues are 0 secs to pop for level 50 in my server, if there are loads of ppl joining WFs why do randoms have to fight vs premades?

    premades queueing in WF should fight vs others premades

    i understand if there is only one premade queuing in whole server..... they have to play vs randoms, but there are enough premades to make premade vs premade WFs so ppl that join alone can get some fun

    dont tell me to find a premade its not about it, premade vs random end with random leaving after a 1-2 minutes played of a wf

    please dont start posting ......lot of players are n00bs, they dont coordite, find a good premade ect....

    im just saying premades should fight vs other premades if there are enough premades in queues, just that.


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    Look here.

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