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Thread: More "Hardcore" Pvp?

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    Default More "Hardcore" Pvp?

    Call me old fashioned hardcore or whatever but i just hate how you can literally see everything about an enemy player. Wouldnt it make things all the more challenging and fun if they removed a few things....Stuff like showing enemy health, their CAST BARS, all their buffs that they have on them and their lvl. In games like daoc, you had none of this, you had no way of telling if they had better stats than you or not, if they were an enemy you killed them. It also didnt display their name either, only if they killed you or you killed them it would display a name.

    If you look at it this way it makes more sense...them being an enemy and are foreign to us in a way, how would we know what and if they are casting a spell? How are we suppose to know how powerful they are or what guild they are in...it all should come from visual que's (Emblems or tabards)

    Also I know BGs/WFs (which i despise the current formula for them) are suppose to be quick matches...but there really isnt any penalty for dying. I'll refer to daoc again...if you died there was a penalty such as a 2-3 min rez sickness and dying caused you to have to run back to battle which took anywhere from 2-15 minutes. Even in the BGs, which werent tiny little arena's with 15 minute battles.

    /end rant lol. TL;DR - I guess i feel pvp has gotten way watered down in the past years...even in warhammer it was way watered down for the masses...when will a company step up and go a little more hardcore route, even though the things i listed were far from hardcore. It just made certain thigns more challenging.
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    you cant see enemy souls but you can see their level, hp and mana pool, i dont see where is logic lol.

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