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Thread: AFKers in Warfronts.

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    Default AFKers in Warfronts.

    So yesterday i was trying to complete my 5 wins at Whitefall, and in every single one of my games there was an afk mage that would cast a spell every 30 seconds to avoid getting kicked. At the start of the warfront, he would blink forward, then buff himself every 30 seconds. Other ppl in the warfront were complaining about him too, so i opened a ticket in my first whitefall game, which never got a response in the 3 hours it was open.

    So what are we supposed to do when we have some1 like that? Theres no report afk, or vote kick option, i even asked in chat, and ppl said to stop QQing about it and go back to lvling (lol). Theres no way we can even prove it with a screenshot as all hes doing is standing still. Any suggestions, or incidents you guys have encoutered like this?

    Fyi, The mages name was Lolusad @ Faemist.

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    I agree this hurt warfronts for 2-3 hours because along with this guy the Defiant also had another bard doing the exact same thing gaining free XP and leaving us down two people against the Guardians.

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