Let me start this off by saying I have been playing MMO's since March of 1999. I haven't exclusively played MMO's but most of the game's I play are definitely of the MMORGP genre. I've played Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Guildwars, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Global Agenda and more. I tend to hang on the PvP side of things but I enjoy good PvE content too. This game has great potential but for it to pass the test of time it needs some PvP content beyond Warfronts.

I'd like to see both Arena's and some sort of territorial control outdoor PvP system. I love both large scale PvP and small group PvP. There is no problem with implementing Arena's as long as all they give are aesthetic's and titles and/or recognition on a ladder. People, especially PvPers, like to know who are the best. These rewards are purely superficial and people can either get them or not get them as having them does not give you and advantage over another player.

Outdoor PvP is going to need a real purpose. Long gone are the days of UO/DAOC where people would PvP for the love of besting their opponents. There needs to be the ability for a guild to own a keep or a castle for an extended amount of time and gain some sort of benefit. Maybe give titles to a guild controlling a territory like Lord Dreams of BlackWatch Castle type of thing with a guild wide buff. Another idea is while the guild owns the castle they have access to an instance that can only be done while controlling that castle. There can be unique gear in there, etc.

There are a lot of routes we can take PvP however, if done properly, Arena PvP and outdoor PvP do not have to be in an adversarial relationship. Both have their place in next generation MMO's and ignoring one or the other is a mistake if Trion wants to make a truly innovative and long lasting game.