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Thread: Why Remove Racials When Game Is Horribly Unbalanced?

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    Default Why Remove Racials When Game Is Horribly Unbalanced?

    I don't understand this, why did racials get removed when, in terms of soul choice, the game was horribly unbalanced already? I love using my racial to get where people don't expect me to be in open PvP, but I can't use an essential PvP ability of my character because people would ***** it's overpowered?

    Makes me sad since sabs etc are probably not going to be nerfed.
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    If they nerfed racials and void knights then there is a correlated possibility of a sab nerf. Don't be so gloomy.

    Give the game to be alive for atleast a month before stating thing won't change lol
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    Saboteurs are far from "HORRIBLY" unbalanced.
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