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Thread: Bots in Warfronts

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    Default Bots in Warfronts

    I've noticed in lots of black garden games, there will be 2-4 players off away from the battle on my mini map. naturally I assumed they were they typical idiots running around chancing other idiots or pets who are fighting for dirt in the corner. normally when i decide thatyet again the game is lost,I stop healing and dance, but This time i decided to go see what these idiots are so caught up doing. so i run over there. and there are 3 players, just running into the wall spamming selfbuffs/heals on themselves. I say something to them. No response. Game ends.

    I que up again, because I get off on nerd raging, This time I watch everyone. every thing looks like normal. handful of people buffing, other standing around. game starts. Instantly 2 of the players start buffing themselves and running off in the same direction, repeatedly spamming what seems to be the same buff. I follow them. They walk into a wall, still buffing themselves and slowly slide along side it, suddenly I notice a 3rd player slam into the same wall, only he's spamming a heal on himself. He slides along the wall not far behind the others. They soon all nest in the corner spamming their buffs/heals. I go back to the game and do what i can to heal. Lose as expected, and reque.

    This time looking for names. I see 2 familiar names. Both standing right where you spawn in at. At the sound of the bell, self buffs and run to the corner. I record the names. I do this for 5 more games, and end up with a list of 11 names. I don't know the forum policy on posting player names, so I wont. However I did report them ingame. But I've the strong feeling that will do nothing.

    I only play late night as I get off work around 11 PM, Hawaii. So this may easily go unnoticed for normal play times.

    PvP against me is alot like sex with me. Its quick, unexpected and ends with only me satisfied.

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    Best to forward your name list to a GM rather than posting it here. I may have seen one bot over several games this morning. But then again, I am usually so into the mix of things I wouldn't be able to keep track.

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    Yet another reason why we need something like RvR / open world vs these timed mini games... WF type of PvP s.cks big time.

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