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Thread: A Ranked MAtchmaking system for Warfronts, would stop afk'ers and bots.

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    Default A Ranked MAtchmaking system for Warfronts, would stop afk'ers and bots.

    This is a port, before this forum was created. So it's simply a repost from an old thread. I believe it belongs here.
    First and for most, this topic is not about World of Warcraft Arena. We already know it has a flawed system that forced everyone to feel belittled to their own rating. Even 2.2k players got talked trash by higher ranked players, making everyone feel worthless.

    We can't say the entire system of Arena failed though, one thing I'd like to point out the most successful thing that came out of Arena is the matchmaking system. Some of us are very fammiliar to this system. It is known by a varaint of the ELO system.


    BAsically a mathmatical chess genius invented a rated system that determined the skill level of players by a number. As you can clearly see, it is much like the world of warcraft rating system.

    Even Guild Wars, the first MMO to implement ranked PvP in a large scale (3m+), It is known the most succesful rated system in the MMO market simply because it barely harmed anyone, while guaranteeing a challenge even to the worst players. The skilled would be rewarded with emotes, titles and trimmed capes instead of gear. Many people prefered this system over World of Warcrafts.

    However, as I said before; It caused many harassment issues with players feeling worthless because their entire word was judged by a simple number.

    Well you don't have to do that anymore.

    I'd also like to point out, that anyone who mentions any time on ranked pvp system in this forum, it seems like the end of the world. You simply tell us to go back to World of Warcraft, because you assume they invented this system

    So I have a proposal.

    Hidden Matchmaking System
    A hidden matchmaking system is basically how you read it, it's a form of ranked PvP that is optional.

    How does it work, let's get the bold points across first.

    1. Nobody will ever know your rating.
    2. Nobody will get titles, achievements or better gear for this.

    When you que for a Ranked Warfront, it is not group required. If you wish to increase your invisible rating faster, it is reccomended to be in a group. However, since rating is invisible it really doesn't matter. A lot of people said that rated battlegrounds failed for this reason, so let's improvie it.

    When a solo player wins enough matches against higher ranked teams, his or her invisible rating will increase.

    What does this mean? Simple, if the player wins enough matches he will never be grouped with botters again, nor he will be grouped with players that afk the entire match. This benefits everyone, because you should be smarter than a bot/afker. This does not guarantee that you will never see a botter, because there is a possibility that you could be playing worse than a bot.

    When a player loses, his or her rating will decrease.

    What does this mean? You will always face a difficult opponent, regardless of how much you win or lose. If the system works, everyone will get a 50/50% win rate, because your rating will decrease to the point of abyssal, and then it would pretty much be a 50/50 shot of winning against the same rated teams.

    Rewards are LIMITED

    What does this mean? You cannot farm this place the entire day, you will only be awarded for the first 10 wins of the day. Meaning it's not effective for a bot or an exploiter to use this system is you can only win rewards only 10 times a day. The hardcore players won't care about the rewards. If someone managed to bot in this system, they would be wasting time simply because only the first 10 wins counts. You're better off botting a random warfront.

    With a system like this, you will have the following.

    Same Faction battles, maps would have to be redesigned, but nobody will have long que times. (OPTIONAL)
    Effectively Eliminations bots, cheaters, hackers, you name it.
    Provides challenging PvP even for the best players in the world.
    You cannot be harassed over your rating, ever... because nobody knows about it.
    You will eventually reach 50/50% win rate, that's the beauty of the system... even if you're not good in the game.
    You will never be overwhelmed by the amount of skill level in players, as you will be completely seperated
    You can't be asking for nerfs over the rank PvP if there is no ladder to prove it.
    If a team purposely leaves a warfront to decrease their matchmaking rating (Over 3 consecutive times in a row or 5 times in 24 hours), they will be suspended with a 2 day cooldown of joining the ranked warfonts (Meaning people cant purposely destroy their rating in order to farm noobs).

    This will stop bots and afkers because they are not as smart as an average human, and in theory they will win less than a real player. Instead, when they bot they'll be facing other really bad players or bots.

    One of the top features of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was rated battlegrounds, and blizzard slapped us in the face with 10v10 requirements. Why not implement this?
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    what if you want to join in a group and the two+ players ranks are vastly different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animeus View Post
    what if you want to join in a group and the two+ players ranks are vastly different?
    You won't know about that; because the rating is hidden.

    You could either get rolled, or roll a team. But more often than not, you'll have even battles and get 50/50% win rate overall.
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