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Thread: Some correlations

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    Default Some correlations

    Keep in mind this is all 10-19 information and won't apply to other brackets. Will update with 20-29 information as I pass through that bracket. 40 warfront final scoreboards in the sample, which is how long it took me to get from 11-19. It's small I know.

    Some of this won't be surprising, at least one of the relationships was surprising to me however.

    Out of 40 warfronts, the winning team did more healing in 34 of them. The winning team had the better bard in 38 of them. They had the better cleric in 27 of them. Bards outhealed clerics in 31 of them. Teams with a mix of bards and clerics beat teams with one or the other every time they faced. Mage healers are rare, but can keep up and outdo both the others. Having more healers on your team makes it more likely one of you will top the charts. Of the 6 teams that did more healing but still lost, 5 had 4 or more healers.

    My conclusions (yours may differ):
    Healing wins black garden in this bracket.
    Having lots of healers makes each ones job easier, but reduces your chances of winning.
    Bards win black garden even more than healing in general. Raid healing is very strong in pugs.
    Clerics make much less difference. Having the best cleric brings a team from 50% wins up to 67.5%. Having the best bard brings a team from 50% wins up to 95%.
    Having the best of each brings your chances of winning to 97.5%.
    3 healers is optimal. If you have 4+, someone should activate another role. If you have less than 3, someone should activate a healing role.
    If you want to win 10-19s, make a bard with sab as a secondary role.

    I expect a lot of this to change in 20-29 and later.
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