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Thread: Level 50 un-instanced pvp zone ?

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    Default Level 50 un-instanced pvp zone ?

    I don't like the idea of the fastest way to gain favor/go through the pvp ranks being as simple as 'chain queing' for bgs ( warfronts )more than others.

    I remember in dark age of camelot BGs stopped at maxed level and you were forced to go out into the frontiers to kill 'other people' if you wanted to progress further.

    I think we should add a dynamic warfrtont type zone which isn't instanced for level 50 pvp in which you can take advantage of nodes/objectives in it that give you more places you can port to/from but don't offer any other advantage other than transportation around the zone to kill other people.

    Instanced battlegrounds like warfronts are just too easy. They're less immersive and less personal than uninstanced pvp zones at max level.

    Scenarios are what ultimately killed warhammer as a pvp game because they took away all the incentive to go out into the frontiers when you could just que up over and over going into an instanced/unimerrsive/unpersonal BG over and over and the only thing slowly down how fast you go up in the ranks is the consistancy in queing up.
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