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Thread: Forget sabs

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    Default Forget sabs

    I honestly have not seen the massive issue with Sabs. Sure they are extremely annoying but you never have a sense of "oh look a sab guess we lost this battle", like you do with champions.

    The burst damage of sab is all they have and even with crits it will only hit me for 2.5k (I have 3.8k hp). But I can always cleanse these and so usually sabs do very little damage to me. Even in a WF I just pay attention for that blast charge icon and allies and cleanse. So while they are definately strong, they aren't a guaranteed kill hero, and generally require an ally to make sure their detonate is actually effective.

    Meanwhile there exists the Champion. He has tons of damage and can get a tank soul to buff up. So how much does this Champion hit for you ask, to simplify it ALOT more. If he has recently(by recently I mean 30 seconds) killed he dishes out more than a Sab can in under 5 seconds. Bulrush +Bloodthirst + Frenzied Strike + Debilitating Strike + 2x Power Strike + Titan Strike = a ****ing **** ton of damage and if you dodged/parried one of his power strikes or auto attacks say hello to another huge damage spell in inescapable fury. Oh and whats that his crits reduce healing by 50%. So now after you have taken 2.5 - 3k it is gonna take 5-6k healing to get that back up, while he has a non-gcd interrupt spell if you are the healer. But wait theres more. That Champion isn't done after those 3 seconds he will then Power Strike + Debilitating Strike + Frenzied Strike+ Deathblow and you will have just taken another 1.5-2.5k in 3 seconds.

    So in roughly 7-8 seconds he has just dished out about 5-6k, Stunned you with Bullrush, stunned you with titan strike and reduced your healing taken by 50%, essentially a guaranteed kill.

    Oh keep in mind he has plenty of AoE, has a nice AoE fear(root on main target as well), a move which can make him immune to CC(does limit his moves), a move which frees him of Stun/disarm/root/snare effects, and finally 2 roots/snare. Those are moves which he didn't use to burst you down.

    This is all within ONE soul. Add on a tank + PvP soul which add a lot more defense and a bit more damage and you have one unstoppable doom machine.

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    I am collecting tears, please go on.

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    Who is OP, people are saying every single class is OP

    Warrior is OP
    Rogue is OP
    Mage is OP (dominator CC)
    Cleric is OP

    If everything is overpowered doesnt that make everyone equal?

    If you think its so good at powerfull, just role one, the only way for classes to be balanced is to give everyone the same abilities, but people like to be diffrent, even if not the most powerfull

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    Those backloaded 2.5k crits are a problem. As soon as i see charges getting build up on my champ i have to abandon everything and retreat back.

    I charge in again and pray the saboteur doesn'thave an axe to grind and target me again.

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