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Thread: Mage's are outragiously silly....

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    Default Mage's are outragiously silly....

    My 44 mages gets wtf pwned Before I get to push a button....

    Im not sure what to say here. Trion, fix this man. I am loosing faith!

    I know another thread like this might be over kill, but we need to be heard. Even the other classes laughs at us and says we are way to easy to kill. What the hell?

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    dude no offence but your either getting really unlucky, your souls are bad, or you just suck. Not trying to be mean but I have fought quite a few mages on my way to 50, most recently these 2 mages that were on the same quests as I last night. We took a small break and did some 1v1's for fun and the fights were very good and were basically decided on lucky crits. Stick with you class til the end, it is much better to gut it out than to reroll.

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