Incredibly good launch with a very polished and fun game. I've played just about everything that has come out since AC, and this ranks at the top of the list in first week gameplay.

Of all the games i played, I was hooked on DAOC the most - its rvr was compelling. This game can be even better and is off to a great start.

Here are my thoughts on where to find inspiration -

DAOC's system - the mix of castle seiges and zerg v. zerg and 8 mans running all over kept it fresh and fun. Nothing beat being in a 75 on 75 battle in an open field. You need a variety of strategic targets to fight about and different ways of doing it with different rewards or bonuses that result.

Somewhere between Shadowbane and Darkfall is an open pvp world where your guild creates towns, gains access to territory, mining rights, hunting grounds, etc., and then has to defend them. I love defending DC in emain, but there is something more intense about building your own town and then defending it. It is your HOME (in that virtual kind of way....this is pretend, right?).

Last, just for kicks, throw in a bit of Aion. Rift war allows for rifts to open in that pvp world and interject a non-player controlled enemy that could attack or establish control points and wipe out your city. It also contained instanced dungeons that were only available to you if you controlled that territory.

just one very experienced player's thoughts. /flame on.