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Thread: A short guide for The Black Garden

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    Default A short guide for The Black Garden

    I know this shouldn't be necessary as this IS EASY. But, I have been in almost all losing defiant groups(only won 3 since headstart)

    First when you get to the area that holds the Fang, don't stand on the outside. Run in surround he fang. DoT the area around it. Try and grab it yourself.

    Two get it onto your side (behind the trees atleast) Team guard your holder, keep them healed, kill any opponent that gets close.

    -If in any case the opponents get the flag.. Well: chase them as a team even a few of you can take that carrier down pretty quick even with healers. Then grab it and run to your side.

    Last step: Hold it till the end, or if the carrier on your side dies pick it up quick don't let it reset.

    This warfront is not all about PvP! Points are mainly gained from holding the fang, PvP kill points are a SECONDARY.
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    Aaaand the fang does increasing damage over time on you starts around 200~ and usually ends at 1k

    When you carry it, that is
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    Points are ONLY gotten by holding the fang not "mainly" gotten by it as the OP states.

    If the other team is holding the fang all dps should be aimed at the flag carrier as they have a dot on them that starts at 10% of their health and at 1 minute 1 hits them. Any extra dps on them means they will typically die at the next spike.

    For those people conscious of kill counts, if the damage tick kills them the last player to hit them is awarded KB so there is no excuse for not doing this.

    Additionally one or more of them need to stop and pick up the fang which stops them healing / dpsing so if you focus the fangbearer then whoever is trying to pick up the fang you can often get a quick set of multi kills to bump up your stats if you think they are actually important.

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    Today, in all but one of the Black Gardens I played, everyone on my side ran right past the Fang, they ignored it, they looked at it funny pheraps, but mainly ignored it. The best excuse for losing was a guy saying "amg no healers?" I MEAN REALLY :[

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