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Thread: need different color tag abilities

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    Default need different color tag abilities

    Already it is tough to find who is in your group as all are the same color (I cannot find a way to change the tag colors) and in pvp this is a mess. We have some who specifically set up a character name to make it look like an NPC and some guild names are made specifically to look like an NPC. As, for me, it is hard to read the tags and tel if it is a npc, pvp or whatever. I would lke to be able to diferentiate between my group, guild, faction etc through different tag colors.

    If this is already in game and I just cannot find it then I am sorry to waste a post.

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    The tagging colour thing? I'd rather they just remove player tagging all together. Exclude it from player and make it NPC only.

    I'd also like like to see nameplates enhanced. This is a regular topic though and likely has many threads to it's bow. Nameplate enhancement would make things a lot better.

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