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Thread: Whitefall warfront - what should be changed??

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    Question Whitefall warfront - what should be changed??

    Since last beta test I have wondered about that warfront - "Does it worth my time?"

    Although i still haven't seen Port Scion, i think that Whifall steps is the longest, the most boring and futile.

    Battles almost always end because - time's up, and even then it may be a draw.

    Gaining reputation is quite impossible.

    So, what should be changed in that warfront to make it more comfortable to play???

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    I would like to see a Team Fortress Classic capture style:

    - If both team have stolen the flag, both can cap
    - If you kill the Flag carrier, you can't return the flag instantly by tagging. You have to defend it 1 minute without the enemy touching it and then it returns automatically

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