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Thread: Please have a look at bindrushing, and rez zerging

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    Default Please have a look at bindrushing, and rez zerging

    The way the revives work right now is a nightmare for PvP. It probably wouldnt be hard to fix, but it;s really a PvP game breaker. If it isnt listed as the #1 flaw in open world PvP just yet, it will be I'd suspect before too long. It just doesn't work to have people instantly spawn so close to you sometimes immediately after you kill them. I've had a few occurrences already, IE- a warrior I killed 3 times in like 20 seconds and because he had attacked me right next to his respawn, I had to just keep fighting this dude. Eventually I was trying to kite out, and on his fourth try in like 30 or 40 seconds i die with a mob on me, having used all my big cooldowns, all pots, thrown rocks at him, you name it. I LoLed so it was all good, but I think it maybe deserves looking into? I think something as simple as making one single bind point per zone located at opposite sides, but I'm no game developer right?, but I am PvP game player so at least trust me on this bind point thing ; )
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    ressurection cooldown must be there.

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    The current system allows for a choice between 2 res places: the place where you died, and the spawn point. If however you die at the spawn point, you're screwed. Now the enemy will know where you have to res and can just camp it. I had 10 defiants stand around a res point in scarlet gorge, and I couldn't do anything until more guardians arrived 5-10 min later.

    Now you can walk to a different point, talk to the messenger of the vigil (as guardian) and say "res me here", but then you get teleported to your first res point, and res there. This seems to be bugged. Fixing this would fix the problem.

    So yes, res place camping is a problem atm.

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