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Thread: PVP Reward issue / bug.

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    Default PVP Reward issue / bug.

    Not entirely sure where to report this so I thought. This is all from a Guardian perspective. Do not know if they are duplicated on Defiant Side.

    1. In Scarwood Reach on the PVP vendor cloth, leather, and chain all have leggings and a helmet for sale. However, the plate item for sale despite being called "Diminishing Helm" is a chest slot item with what looks like helmet slot stats. This is probably a bug.

    2. The initial level 35 rewards for Whitefall brigade are set to require decorated. The problem being since a victory in Whitefall only yields 300 notoriety with the Whitefall Brigade by the time you actually reach Decorated you'll have leveled well past the useful window for these level 35 items. Is there any reason why their requirements are not set to friendly like all the other Warfront initial rewards?

    Feel free to add any other issues.

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    from the Defiant perspective...

    our Diminishing helm is also a chest.

    ...i concure with your WTF? on lvl 35 whitefall gear needing decorated.

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