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Thread: Warfront information

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    Default Warfront information


    Staying at the Statue of Throntic/Translation Scope will not win Codex.

    Giving the enemy the ground near the Codex will result in them getting it. Standing on the ledge while we're trying to cap it isn't smart.

    Sometimes, it's best to pass by that one red named guy, in order to cap a point.

    Black Garden

    Staying in the middle while they have the fang in the back is terrible. Stop fighting pets the entire game. Your numbers are amazing, yes, too bad 80% of it was done to a pig pet.

    When your team does take the fang, help the carrier. He needs it. Trust me.

    General Info

    If someone is actually using CC (Rare indeed) don't break it. Go for the other guy.

    If you see a healer getting beaten, help.

    If you see an enemy healer spam casting with no pressure, attack him, not the warthog in front of you.

    Interrupts are good, use them.

    You're welcome.

    Feel free to add any info people seem to be lacking.
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    Especially the healer part is something Defiants should take to heart how often do I get beaten up by 2 rogues while my fellow team members are busy beating on pets or tanks while their healer is completely free to heal to his hearts content.

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    whether your pushing or being pushed never attack their front line, even if its a rouge. Pressure the squishy mid and backline.

    Oh and pay a friend who is good at pvp to roll Dom at any lvl past 26, it has enough cc to slow/stop the melee and shutdown the mid or backline all at once, while u focus and burn down a target.
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