United Game Lords is a multi-game guild focusing on bringing players together for drama free fun and enhancing ones gameplay.

Philosophy: We believe a guild should not exist to limit or hinder your gameplay, gamestyle, and fun. Rather it should exist to support it's members, enhance their gameplay, and allow group level fun.

History: Originally named Universal GameLords, the membership voted to change the name. Members come from different walks of life, different games, and different playstyles.

Our Goal: To bring like-minded members together in order to make lasting friendships, enable easier leveling, allow for more successful groups, and enhance the fun factor of the game.

Who We Look For: Mature, respectful gamers. Families, small guilds wishing to combine, groups, and anyone looking to just have fun. We support RolePlay, PvE, and even PvP. We are currently looking for group leaders and general members. Any class (calling), soul-spec.

Site: UGL

General: Though we are on an RP server, it does not mean RP is required. Likewise, we support PvP but do not require it. Our crafters exist to support it's members and only ask they contribute materials as they can. The sharing is always two-way.

Required Playstyles: None

Supported Playstyles: Casual, Family, PvP, PvE, RP, Mixed styles, Solo, Hardcore, Raiding

If you are interested please contact Gelotri here on the forums, on our website, or in-game.