Temerity is a well established raiding guild with a solid core of very driven pve raiders.
We are currently planning on rolling on Deepstrike a PVP based server. We are looking for like minded mature, intelligent, dedicated raiders that want to push pve conent as well as enjoy pvping. We plan to raid 3-4 days a week most likely 7-11 est or 8-12. We have a core of very experience raiders coming over from WoW to build a base to achieve the goals we have set.

What we expect is players that are mature, but have fun.
Willing to smash content as long as it takes to learn and accomplish our goals.
Willing to do be flexible on the soul specs to help achieve goals we have set.
Take the time to learn your class and be good at it.
Oh and have fun,this is a game after all.

We are not elitists but we don't expect bad players, or drama queens to come ruin our fun and interfere in the goals we have set. For more info please feel free to log onto yahoo and talk to me at ghoulblaze or get in my vent and chat with me.


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