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Thread: Immortalis may be the guild for you.

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    Default Immortalis may be the guild for you.

    Hello Shatterbone,

    Immortalis (formerly known as Inner Circle in AoC) is comprised of skilled players that don't take themselves too seriously. We're here to have fun and don't consider gaming a job, but we do play to win. We're a pretty tight group of friends but are always open for growth. If you are interested in a high-caliber gaming experience without the elitist attitude Immortalis may be the guild for you.

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    We are currently looking for some more good people interested in raid content. Mages, Warrior, and Clerics are our main priority, while rogues are the least. We do nightly t1 and t2 expert instance runs (all complete), expert and raid rifts, as well as Saga questing. We also dabble in pvp, some heavier than others.

    Look for Crow, Warpath, Dafelon, or Abracadaver in game, or check us out online @ http://immortalis-rift.guildlaunch.com.

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