I just wanted to do a shout out to our fellow shard-mates.

We're a group of MMO'ers who have been together for over seven years, and will start out Rift with around 7 to 12 members (several others are still addicted to "another" MMO).

I'd describe us as a group of friendly, helpful, mature (chronologically at least), team oriented and experienced gamers. We like to hang out on vent, even if we're not playing the same thing. We will do as much of the endgame content as we possibly can, and will be happy to ally with other guilds to see this happen.

While we don't really ever actively recruit, we are always open to new, like-minded members. If you wanna hang out and get to know us better, we'll be happy to invite you to our vent. Just know that we don't tolerate open disrespect, racist BS, greedy punks and we like to keep drama to an absolute minimum.

We have a website: www.theeleventhhouse.com

We also have a tabard and guild bank with 4 tabs!