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Thread: Gladius - Raiding Guild : Now RECRUITING!

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    Default Gladius - Raiding Guild : Now RECRUITING!

    Join Gladius! Join experienced Warcraft and other MMO players in their quest for total domination of RIFT!

    We are a dedicated raiding guild. However, we will partake in PvP, casual raiding, PvE and general play. Raid as hard or as casual as you want, quest a bit, whatever your heart's desire.

    Server: Shatterbone
    Play type: Hardcore/Casual Raiding and PvP
    Timezone: PST
    Raidtimes: TBD

    Recruiting all player class, roles and Defiant races. Be a part of our guild and get the most out of the game! We are determined to get the most out of our Rift experience and would welcome you as an addition!

    You can send an in-game message to "Frumpy" or an e-mail to Frumpy's Inbox for more information.


    Mage Officer
    WoW veteran (6 years - Shadow Council - Shadow/Disc Priest)

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    Default cou nt me in

    Count me in I will look for you guys! i have a ton of experience with MMOs played WoW since release before that played Guild Wars and a bit of warhammer online. Healer

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