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Thread: 3 People looking for...

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    Default 3 People looking for...

    I have been told that I should post my search for a Defiant guild here instead of in the actual server forum. So, here goes.

    Here is a link to my original post: http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...ing-for-a-home...

    Just about everything we are looking for is in that post.

    Thanks everyone, and if there are any questions, please PM me or leave a message here or in the other post!

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    Check out http://www.praxisguild.com/

    Fits your requirements. I am loving the people there.

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    Ishtar Terra
    We are an adult-oriented, casual raid guild who enjoy working together in a fun, friendly environment in order to experience all of the content Trion offers in the most enjoyable ways possible.

    Main website:


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    We might be a great fit for you! We do have some foul mouthed folks if you can handle it, but I personally at least strive to be creative about my profanity, not sound like a stereotypical "thug". We raided 2 nights a week in WoW, 3 hours a night, with the occasional third night when there was enough interest. Check us out!

    Dogma was a World of Warcraft guild founded during the Burning Crusade expansion to be a haven for those who believe in playing maturely, but believe maturity doesn't exclude jokes about feces and genitalia. Dogma is for folks who believe in playing casually, but don't believe that casual is an excuse for bad. We dabble in every aspect of the games we play, on a casual schedule, but with a hardcore dedication to excellence. Dogma broke near the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion due to real life issues plaguing several of our core leadership, but now several of our core members have rejoined forces in a new world to conquer the challenges of the rifts!

    What we are:

    Casually Hardcore. We may play only 2 days a week, or 2 hours a day, but we strive to maintain excellence in PvE, PvP, and any other challenges we decide to pursue.

    Elite without being Elitist. We hold ourselves and each other to a high standard of play, but we don't treat newer/less experienced players like they're mindless peons because they're behind on the learning curve. We'll always lend an ear, hand out links, whatever is required to help everyone get the most out of their characters.

    Friendly to all ages/races/lifestyles. We joke a lot, and not all of those jokes are PC, but we strongly prohibit harassment. In general, if you say something once to be funny and it isn't, don't make that mistake again, if it's a comment on someone's race/gender/sexual orientation. If you continually grief someone, even if it's "just a joke", you won't last long.

    Adults. The majority of our core members are at least 24. We have several in their mid 30s. In WoW we had members into their 50s. In short, we all work full time, we play the game to enjoy our time, not to babysit. While we judge apps on an individual basis, if you're under 18, your odds are low. Sorry, them's just the breaks.

    Picky. Not to seem discouraging, we do consider every app, but this isn't just a loose coalition of individuals to us. It's a family. We've forged lifelong friendships in this guild, and we intend to continue to do so, not simply bring in folks who show up to pick up their shiny loot then disappear for a week.

    We are looking for other like minded folks looking for a new, long-term home. If you love Kevin Smith movies, random shenanigans, and logging in to a group of folks who are legitimately happy to see you, we might be the home for you. We currently plan on playing on the Faeblight PvE RP realm. ((Note: We are an RP Friendly guild, but our guild chat will always be OOC. We primarily stick to RP servers for the more mature atmosphere, though we do have RPers among the ranks.))We have tentatively decided on the Defiant faction, but that could potentially be subject to change.

    If interested, please visit us at www.twinked.org ((Note: the site is currently being re-designed to accommodate the fact that we're currently active in Rift, but it's a work in progress.)) Just register, and make a post in the Quick Stop forum, telling us who you are, the games you've played, and what you're looking to get out of Rift and Dogma. Also, please leave an email addy, since we obviously currently have no way of getting in touch with you in game. Hope to hear from many of you soon! Happy hunting!

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